Almost Home Inspections: We look before you leap!

Almost Home Inspections: We look before you leap!

Almost Home Inspections: We look before you leap!Almost Home Inspections: We look before you leap!Almost Home Inspections: We look before you leap!

Providing Home Inspection Services in Northern Arizona!

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Almost Home Inspection Services was created to provide thorough, competent home inspections in Flagstaff and the surrounding area to home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals. A home usually demands a large portion of a family’s budget, and it is best to know all the facts regarding a home's deferred maintenance and any other cost and safety issues that a complete inspection will bring to light. Costs for a new roof, furnace, or deck should not come as a surprise after closing.

As a degreed Civil Engineer, I have studied structures, soils and foundations, fluid mechanics, piping systems, and thermodynamics while a student at Lehigh University. As an Accredited Professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED AP) I have studied environmentally friendly building and thus have an eye towards a home’s efficiency. I spent the first portion of my career building petroleum refineries, commercial buildings, some highways and roads, and the Discovery Channel Observatory, along with single family and multifamily residential projects. I studied and built structures that depended upon a large array of building systems and philosophies. This knowledge helps me, as a Home Inspector, because there are relatively few things I haven't seen before in some form. When I come across something new or different, I figure it out. Born to a family of Accountants and Sea Captains from New England, I provide a ship shape product performed correctly, honestly, and on time.

My lovely wife and I moved to Flagstaff to start our family in 1994. Flagstaff has provided a wonderful and nurturing environment to bring up our two children. Participating, volunteering, and coaching at DeMiguel Elementary School, Flagstaff High School, soccer, Boy Scouts, and Odyssey of the Mind kept us all growing; happy and healthy for all these too short years. Additionally, I have served the community, outside of our kids’ activities, on various boards including the Coconino County Board of Adjustment and the Kachina Village Area Plan Committee.

I have spent the last 25 years plus building in the Flagstaff area. This has afforded me invaluable knowledge regarding Flagstaff’s unique building environment. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation challenges the home’s exterior surfaces. The rapid and large temperature swings during our moist winters require the correct details in the homes exterior shell. Our clay soils need to be protected from moisture intrusion to limit movement around the foundations and slabs. Out of town Architects, Inspectors and Builders can make mistakes in these areas. For many reasons, there is a real advantage to "buying local" when purchasing home inspection services.

 Almost Home Inspection Services promises to provide a high-quality Home Inspection Report. We will explain our findings when delivered and you may walk the inspection with me if so desired. We succeed when you know that you have a usable, reliable inspection document. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time with comments or questions. Word of mouth always provides the best marketing.


Thanks for your consideration,

John McCartney LEED AP

FAA Certified Drone Pilot # 4219253

Arizona Board of Technical Registration Inspector Certification #  67698

NRPP Radon Measurement/Analysis # 110616 RT


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